Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My photography work 

 I have always been interested in photography and mucked about with my dad's Nikon camera but after taking photography as a subject my fondness for the hobby grew more and more. The concept of coming up with my own theme, my own makeup looks and planning shoots excited me greatly and photography then turned into a daily hobby for me. Being in a family that is mostly camera shy and having me run about the house taking photographs on a regular basis you can imagine my household hiding anytime they see me with a camera to my eye. Despite this my family all know my love for it and have been fully supportive of my work that I have created and are very pleased with the outcome. I have done many different shoots and have won a local competition in my area for some of my best work. So today I'd thought I'd share some of my work, enjoy! 

Xox Deanna