Tuesday, 27 August 2013

 Makeup Review!
EYE SHADOW Palette – Beauty UK
So I had just ran out of my MUA eye shadow palette and I was in search for another drug store matt neutrals palette and I came across this one from beauty UK for only £4! You can't go wrong on that price so I tried it out and I am glad to say I was pleasantly surprised how pigmented and how long wearing the colours were for such an amazing price. I must say some colours are more pigmented than others, such as the bottom left dark brown, the gold, the top third peachy pink and the two browns in the bottom left corner. But all the other colours are easily build able for a bolder look. 

The palette has seven matt colours and three more sparkly colours which are the silver, the gold and the bronze. I would say that the sparkly silver is quite sheer and it is hard to build up the colour as there is more fallout that the rest of the colours AND  it shattered on the fifth day of use.  
 Despite the shattering silver I would say that all these colours have a smooth texture and the brush picks up the colour really well. If you are like me and  you are always in a rush then this palette would be perfect for you as the colours blend effortlessly, they are long lasting, they are easily build able and you can change from and every day soft brown eye to a sultry gold, dark brown or golden eye. I would watch out for the silver though as you don't want silver fallout on the tips of your eyelashes or the apples of your cheeks! ;) 

 Overall this palette is great for everyday wear, it is extremely affordable and it is the perfect travel purse size!


This is a soft brown eye look I did on a friend :). 

Xox Deanna 

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